Downloading Info

Terms of Use: 

  • Please do not upload elsewhere
  • Please link back to my website
  • Please refrain from changing Sims’ facial structure
  • Feel free to change hairstyle and color, eye color, skin and of course clothes.

Some Notes:

All Sims in my stories have tons of custom content. Because I know some people are leery of custom content and may not have the expansion and stuff packs I do, I will try to provide a Sim with custom content (how it would appear in my stories) and one with only base game items. I will worn you though, the base game Sims look quite a bit different (especially with the Sims 3 awful hair). Whenever a Sim has items from an expansion pack or stuff pack it will be noted and links will be provided for custom content. A warning though: Some of these sites might contain images of a mature nature

Just in case it’s needed, these are the expansion packs and stuff packs I have:

Expansion Packs:
World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise

Stuff Packs:
High End Loft Pack
Fast Lane Stuff Pack
Outdoor Living Stuff
Town Life Stuff
Master Suite Stuff
Diesel Stuff

How to Download Sims Package Files:

  • Click the link to download Sim
  • When prompted to run, save, or save as – select save as
  • Save to Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 3>Downloads
  • Find zip folder in Sims 3>Downloads folder
  • Right click on zip folder and select extract
  • Extract to Sims 3>Downloads folder (Make sure it’s not to a subfolder under Downloads)
  • You have two options 1) double click on the extracted sims package file and the Sims 3 launcher will pop up and automatically install the Sim OR 2) Start Sims 3 launcher, find Sim in Downloads, select it and then click install at the bottom of the launcher. (Personally, I think the first option is way easier).
  • You should now see the Sim in CAS in premade Sims.

Hope you enjoy!

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