Sandy’s Stories

Trev Web 2ab

Back to Life

Romantic Drama

Back to Life is the story of Trevor Davila’s journey to become the man he wants to be. For over nine years, Trev has run away from dealing with his dad’s death. He’s lost himself in women, booze, and the fame that being a pro-football player brings; but it’s all caught up with him. Having recently gotten help for alcohol abuse, he makes the decision to be the kind of man his dad would have been proud of. As his journey continues, he finds help and support from those he would expect, but also from those he had long ago tried to forget.



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The Story of My Life

Romantic Drama

Dinner with friends sounded innocent when Ryan Andrews first received an invitation from his best friend, Trev. What he hadn’t remembered was Trev’s habit of meddling and what followed was an introduction that changed Ryan’s life forever.

Take a trip down memory lane with Ryan and Stan as they share the story of how they met, fell in love and how they learned to navigate through their lives, together.


George Chapter WordPress

Listening to My Heart

Legacy – Third Generation (Currently on hiatus)

This story is my first attempt at writing a Sims story. The whole premise is that each generation must overcome challenges and learn to listen to and follow their hearts.  It’s the story of the Hobble family which began with the founder, Amanda Salisburg, moving to Appaloosa Plains from the city. She moved to the country with dreams of finding a cowboy and living with the horses. After finding her cowboy, Chuck Hobble, they married and had four children.

The legacy continues with George Davila, a psychologist who wants to help his siblings deal with the death of their father. His siblings, though, aren’t so happy with his attempts. While attempting to help his older brother and younger sister, he crosses paths with someone who has been hurt by others in the past and, as always, he feels the need to help them. Will his efforts come to fruition or will they blow up in his face?



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