First Chapter for a new story: The Story of My Life

So excited to finally be sharing this new story!


Chapter One: Meeting Stan Yeger

Meeting someone wasn’t on the list of possibilities when Ryan agree to attend a dinner party at his best friend’s house.  But it’s exactly what happened and it forever changes his life.


About sandybeachgirl2

I'm a stay at home mom who likes to sing, play the Sims and write in my free time.
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3 Responses to First Chapter for a new story: The Story of My Life

  1. LegendofSim says:

    Ok…. I’m a fan already. This was so nicely written. You gave me everything I needed to know about your characters, the setting and their past without dumping it on me. The attention to detail was great and now I need to know if Stan is the man lol I love his name btw…Stan Yeger, come on…so cool!

    Trev I recognize from a drabble but I feel like he’s a main character in another of your stories? Where can I read about him? I’m intrigued!

    • LegendofSim says:

      I tried commenting on the actual chapter but WP wouldn’t let me. Sorry about that. I also see I can read about Trev on this blog, yay!

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much! I spent a long time on the first two chapters, hoping that it gave enough details without being too boring so I really appreciate it!

      Is Stan the man? Well, he is telling half of the story so. . .possibly. lol!

      Trev is the main character of another story I write. His is an older story that I quit writing for a while but have started again. I think I saw that you found a link to his story but just in case, it can be found here:

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