Slowly the other reporters’ brains came out of the stupefied fog and the questions resumed. I hadn’t asked a question yet, which was rare for me; I almost always had a question for him. But as I sat there and listened to others ask questions and Trev’s responses, I became more and more engrossed in the scene and had trouble thinking of a question.

“What made you decide to throw to Anderson for the touchdown? It seemed like you would have thrown it to Nester.” The second I heard the question, I quickly glanced up at Trev and for a brief moment our eyes met. “I…” A big grin appeared on lips while he thought. “I, spent a lot of time during the summer reviewing plays…" 

He again smiled as he briefly looked down at the table, but his expression turned serious when he looked back up. ”…And I realized that I had done a piss poor job of reading defenses and making play calls. Something that I used to do a pretty decent job of in years past, and I’m convinced one of the reasons was because I used to review games. I had gotten away from doing that in the last couple of years and since I knew I would need to prove my abilities to earn the starting quarterback spot, I thought it couldn’t hurt.“

His eyes started to scan the room again and as he called on Victor, he briefly glanced at me and smirked. A gesture that coincided with the room feeling hotter and I tried to ignore it by concentrating on Victor’s question.

"Did you do anything else to prepare for this season?” Victor asked and I bit down on my bottom lip. Trev’s eyes tore away from mine and concentrated on the table in front of him.

“I did.” He slowly started. “I…” He again paused, and for a split second I felt myself tense up as I thought about him not giving credit to Dad for all of the help he had given Trev; but within the next second I berated myself for thinking it. 

It was between him and Dad and even if he didn’t mention Dad’s involvement, I knew that Trev was grateful for his help. He paused for another second before continuing. “I sought the help, knowledge, and feedback from a man that I greatly admire. Who’s always been completely honest with me about my abilities and isn’t afraid to kick my ass and push me to not only be a better player, but a better person.”

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