****Pamela’s POV****

“What the hell got into Trev?” I heard Victor ask another reporter. “He hasn’t played like that in…years!”

How quickly opinions change. I thought to myself and smiled. Only a month before, the reporters gathered had voiced their skepticism about Trev’s abilities and his return to the field, but his appearance at the end of the fourth quarter and the touchdown that followed had everyone forgetting they ever doubted him.

While others talked about their shock over Trev throwing a touchdown to a player that he normally didn’t, I flashbacked to the morning at ASU that I spied on him reviewing plays; when he got mad at himself for not seeing that throwing to the player least expected would’ve worked better. 

I started to chuckle as I wondered if he’d thought about that morning too when he called the touchdown play, but chastised myself for letting such a thought enter my head. 

It was silly to think that his attention was anywhere but the game and I wondered at the thought even popping into my head since there was no reason to believe that he would even think of that or any other moment that we shared during his summer visit to ASU.

A Bucks’ rep stepping up to the podium quieted the room, and his announcement that Coach White, Ryan and Trev would answer questions was met with satisfied murmurs. Ryan came out first and no one could miss the disappointment that he felt in his performance. As I listened to him answer questions I couldn’t help but feel that he took on too much responsibility for the team’s loss. 

Once he finished, he walked toward the exit and as he and Trev passed each other, Trev patted him on the back and whispered something to him. It was a gesture that didn’t go unnoticed by the press gathered in the room and many mumbled about it as Trev sat down in front of the microphone and faced his first question.

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I'm a stay at home mom who likes to sing, play the Sims and write in my free time.
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