A quiet disappointment followed all of us as we filed into the locker room, but I was glad for it. It sucked that we ended up losing by one touchdown, but the fact that everyone was upset and even angry about it was better than not caring.

I listened to the frustrated sighs as I walked towards my locker but the noise of someone swearing stopped me. “Dammit! If I hadn’t thrown those interceptions…we might’ve actually won!” An uncomfortable silence fell over the locker room as no one made any move to agree or disagree with Ryan, and even though I understood his and other’s frustrations, it seemed to me that we had lost sight of the bigger picture.

“We just lost to a team that everyone expects to go to the Super Bowl this year.”

“Is that supposed to make us feel better Davila?” Brewster huffed.

“Hell yeah!” I cheered. “We lost by a touchdown. One fucking touchdown!  How many did they expect us to lose by?”

There were several murmurs before Tiny spoke up. “Four.”

“Four…” I said and nodded as I looked around the room at all the tired and upset faces. “They expected us to lose by 28 points, expected them to run over us…Hell! They expected us to lie down and just hand them the game!!”

“It’s not like it mattered. It was just a preseason game. If this had been a real one we all know we would have lost by more.” Brewster mumbled the last part as he threw a towel into his locker.

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I'm a stay at home mom who likes to sing, play the Sims and write in my free time.
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