Chapter Four: Conversations – Part One

****Trev’s POV****

Two weeks flew by like nothing. Probably because I was insanely busy with my sister’s wedding, a family vacation, and my brother getting engaged. But I didn’t mind the craziness since it helped keep my mind busy and off of having a drink.

I hadn’t been out of rehab for very long, but I was already starting to figure out some things that triggered carvings and what helped. Talking with other people was one thing that worked. Not about the bullshit that most people wanted to talk about, but the honest talking that only happened with family and close friends like Ryan, Stan and Coach.

That was one reason that I was happy to be heading back to Coach’s house. I’d asked for his help with getting me back into shape for the upcoming season and he suggested that I come back after my family vacation.

I hadn’t expected the same three cars to be there when I pulled into the driveway. He hadn’t mentioned family being around during the week that I was staying there and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Sure, things were a little better with Pam and me, but we weren’t anywhere close to being friends.

And then there was Tiff. I’d avoided her multiple attempts to corner me, but I wasn’t sure I could do it for a whole week and I hoped that Coach was going to keep me busy so I could avoid her without it looking like I was.

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