The Story of My Life excerpts

So I’ve been diligently typing away at this new story for the last week and I’m actually really happy with the progress I’ve made. The only downside is that while I type away, I’m not in game decorating and taking pictures. So to make me feel better about that (and because I want to share a tiny bit of the progress I’ve made) I thought I’d post some excerpts from the second, third, and fourth chapters. 

I already shared a decent sized one from chapter one in the story annoncement found here

All other excerpts found under the cut:


The eyes told you a story, even if the fragments revealed didn’t quite fit together or tell a cohesive tale, and it was up to the observer to decide if they wanted to spend the time to figure it out or move on. Personally, I’d learned long ago that it was usually worth the effort to dig a little deeper.


It was when we got into Trev’s office that I started to feel like the tables had turned. I was looking at a metal sculpture when I got the feeling that I was being watched. Curiosity almost got the better of me, but I resisted the urge to turn around and see if I was right. I figured if he wanted to look, I’d let him have a chance. Maybe it would help sway him one way or another.


It wasn’t the most homey, but the bathroom just down the hall from Jimmy’s office was the closest place where I could lock the door and have some privacy. Of course the only seating choice was the toilet so I opted to stand and tried to steady myself by gripping the sink as I tried to make sense out of the jumbled mess that was tumbling around in my head.


The color made his steely eyes even more piercing, reminding me of the first time I saw them. How they’d focused completely on me, making my heart kick into overdrive and almost causing me to become a bumbling idiot and embarrass myself. It wasn’t the most comfortable feeling, being so tongue tied that you can’t carry on a conversation with someone, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to experience it again.


He conveniently stood head and shoulders above most which made it easy to pick him out of the crowd. That, and there was usually several men gathered around him taking turns reenacting a pass or a play. It was humorous to watch the first couple of times, but as the same scene kept replaying, I wondered if he ever got sick of listening to people giving him a play by play of his career.


I still very much believed that it was wise to let him set the pace, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t flirt and let him know where I stood, and after seeing his reaction, I was glad that I did. His eyes stayed glued on mine and a small smile pulled at his lips while a shade of pink rushed up his neck and face. It eventually made him look away for a second and I determined then that one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen was Ryan Andrews blushing.

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