The Story of My Life

I always get so nervous when I first reveal a new story. It’s like this precious thing that I’ve held close to my heart and then I set it free.  But if I’m going to finish it, I need to share it so I’ll stay motivated to keep at it.

I’ve been working on The Story of My Life for a while now. It’s in the very beginning stages and I’m hoping that working on it during NaNoWriMo will keep me motivated to finish it. If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo on thier website, look me up (Sandybeachgirl) and we can help motivate each other!

For now, I’ve provided a little info about it under the cut:


Dinner with friends sounded innocent when Ryan Andrews first received an invitation from his best friend, Trev. What he hadn’t remembered was Trev’s habit of meddling and what followed was an introduction that changed Ryan’s life forever.

Take a trip down memory lane with Ryan and Stan as they share the story of how they met, fell in love and how they learned to navigate through their lives together.


Maybe it was just a coincidence that the only two, single friends that Trev invited that night were gay, but I had a growing suspicion that it at least somewhat played into his reasons for inviting both of us. He’d commented more than once about me “putting myself out there,” and I’d completely believed the words when I replied that I wasn’t ready. But as Trev pressed on with our introduction and I continued to stand face-to-face with Stan Yeger, I couldn’t help but admit that photos hadn’t done him justice, causing my certainty to slightly waver.  

“Stan, this is Ryan Andrews; starting quarterback for the Bucks.” His eyebrows arched, hinting that he’d possibly heard my name before and brought attention to his eyes. Their focus was sharp and piercing, leaving me with no doubt that I had his complete attention but also twinkled and were softened from his smile, making me feel at ease with their focus on me.

His smile widened at a joke Trev always made about my younger age, peeking out from his perfectly trimmed, dark mustache and goatee and I started to do internal damage control; reminding myself why I shouldn’t let it get my hopes up or keep staring it. It was too soon, too risky, he was the complete opposite of what I thought I needed and wanted, and even if I unwillingly admitted that I was slightly interested, there was no way that he ever would be.

About sandybeachgirl2

I'm a stay at home mom who likes to sing, play the Sims and write in my free time.
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