Hey guys, you’re all fucking amazing. I didn’t mean to do this today, but suddenly it just needed to happen…

I never really thought Fatima would be able to be a part of Kelley’s life, so when I originally wrote this scene I struggled. I didn’t really understand why Zeke had left Kelley with her, and I think that confusion showed in the original. Today @sandybeachgirl2 was talking about trusting her characters and letting them tell her how events happened and it dawned on me.

Zeke didn’t know that it wasn’t going to work.

No. Zeke had grown up without one of his parents, and he hadn’t wanted that for Kelley. He would have done ANYTHING to make it work, to give his baby a mother. That’s why he spent nearly two months caring for his daughter in someone else’s home. That’s why he let Fatima name her. That is why he didn’t betray Fatima, even after she put their daughter in danger.

He didn’t know the man he would have become if he’d stayed with Fatima. How could he? Zeke babe, please forgive me for putting you through this, but I promise as hard as it is, this is the right thing to do. Fatima wouldn’t be a good mother to precious little Kelley, and eventually Kelley will lead you to the woman that will finally make you whole.

Oh honey! If I told you how much of Jeff’s story I messed up…He’s still mad at me. Although now that I finally let him and Star get together, he’s not as angry. Lol! And I almost quit writing Jeff’s story because I thought I’d messed it up sooooo bad. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that if I didn’t keep writing it, no one would know his and Star’s story. And I’m so glad I didn’t give up! But I had to massively mess up before it started to dawn on me…write their story, not what I want. 😉

Chapter 23 : A Homecoming

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