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What lengths will Rosamund go to?

Chapter Twenty Five: The Final Act of Desperation Rosamund returns to the house. . .

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Someone Comes Home to Bridgeport. . .

Well, really two people. 😀 Chapter Nineteen:  Welcome Home George says goodbye to Appaloosa and he and Trev are welcomed home to Bridgeport.

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My compromise. . .

From the poll I posted about Trev’s story I learned two things: 1) There are readers who want George’s story to continue without knowing what happens in Trev’s story. . . AND 2) There are readers who do want to … Continue reading

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Trev’s Story

I’ve posted a poll on the blog asking for feedback about Trev’s story. The biggest part of Trev’s story is about how he battles his demons and that occurs during the time of George’s story. But there’s one part of … Continue reading

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George still doesn’t propose. . .but. . . :)

I know, he really should just do it, but he explains why not in this chapter. But. . .he makes another decision that majorly affects his (and Steph’s) life. 🙂 Chapter Eighteen: Home Is Where the Heart Is George jumps … Continue reading

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Finally a new chapter for Jeff!!! Thanks for being patient! Chapter Twenty Four: Seeing For the First Time Has Jeff finally put all of the pieces together. . .?

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And George’s final surprise for Steph is. . .

Chapter Seventeen: Happy Birthday, Steph – Part Three: The Best Birthday Present, Ever

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