Chapter 4- The Story of My Life


Chapter Four: Ready to Escape

Stan’s planning finally pays off when he and Ryan get a chance to be alone.

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Chapter 3 for Story of My Life


Chapter Three: Be Yourself

Ryan gets a second chance at meeting Stan and decides to use it to his advantage.

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2nd Chapter for The Story of My Life


Chapter Two: Meeting Ryan Andrews

Stan gives his side of the story on what it was like to meet Ryan and getting Trev to admit to his scheming.


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First Chapter for a new story: The Story of My Life

So excited to finally be sharing this new story!


Chapter One: Meeting Stan Yeger

Meeting someone wasn’t on the list of possibilities when Ryan agree to attend a dinner party at his best friend’s house.  But it’s exactly what happened and it forever changes his life.


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Last Trev update for 2018



Chapter Sixteen: The Return of Trev Davila

Trev is presented with a job offer and he and Pam decide what to do about it.

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Trev’s back again with a new chapter


Chapter Fifteen: The Worst and the Best Kept Secrets

Their relationship isn’t the only thing that’s been a secret and it isn’t the only thing revealed the first night that Trev and Pamela step out together.


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Another new Back to Life chapter


Chapter Fourteen: The Reasons Why

Trev learns the extent of his injuries and begins the process of recovery and acceptance.



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Another new chapter for Trev


Chapter Thirteen: The Moment the World Stopped Moving

Things take a dramatic turn when Trev and the Bucks play in the Conference Championship.



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New Chapter for Trev!

This marks the beginning of several new chapters for Trev.  In order to not give away parts of his story in my upcoming new story, I needed to move Trev’s along and will be posting several chapters from now until the new year. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting new chapters after that. His story is drawing to a close but there’s still a little more to tell. Hope you’ll stick around to read it!


Chapter Twelve: Things Happen When They’re Supposed To – Part Two

Trev and Pamela drive to ASU to spend Christmas morning with her family and Trev worries about how they’ll react to their relationship.

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I was about to continue our banter back and forth when a voice interrupted me. “Hey, Trev. Sorry I’m late. Traffic is horrible after a game!” Trev turned his attention to the guy that had approached us and shook his … Continue reading

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